My Resume Reflection

Part 1.

This process was very new and different to me since I had never done any coding before in any other class. Thinking about writing in terms of coding is something I have realized has really changed my concept of what writing entails. To me writing for print comes very easily, it is something that my schooling from a young age has emphasized the importance of and therefore I feel like I grew up writing things from short stories as a third grader to extensive essays as a senior. Since writing for print has come naturally to me for so long, learning coding was not a walk in the park for me.

To me coding is not the same as a thesis, three paragraphs and a conclusion, coding requires thinking about almost every element on a page and requires a lot of visual planning and thought about what purpose it will serve and even what exactly it will look like once it is complete. Something that has proven to be challenging for me is being able to code and then actually visualize in my head what that coding in the HTML page will look like with the CSS added. Because I have learned that this was a challenge for me I have been able to use resources like the book and collaborating with others to help me overcome this challenge. Although I do not feel as though coding and writing in english are the same, I think one characteristic they share is that of editing.

While coding I realized that maybe something I had originally styled in CSS no longer fit the persona or theme I wanted, therefore resulting in editing my page and its stylistic elements. I feel like this characteristic is important and involves reflection and better understanding and constantly thinking about the persona we want and what that means to us, then relating that to the specific code. Overall I feel that although coding a resume made me work outside of my comfort zone, it was an experience and activity that I am now thankful I have learned. I feel that this skill of being able to code is great skill to have for the future and has allowed me to experience a side of communications and even the internet that I never knew about.

Part 2.

So far in this course I would say that I have made more progress than I first considered myself to make. In the beginning of the course I really did not think that I would be able to create something like the examples you showed us, but now that my resume is complete I have been feeling a lot more confident about my abilities to code and create something meaningful. I do not feel like shocked is the right word, maybe more like pleasantly surprised that my resume and my coding abilities have grown so much greater than the first couple weeks of school.

I have learned throughout this learning process that when I keep up with readings and refer to the book for help, ask questions, and collaborate, that it helps my concept of coding. Something that I may have changed if time allowed or I had a better grasp of how exactly how to conquer it, would be that of better sectioning off the various information on my resume. I feel as though if I could have managed to make this style of stacking work, I could have had a more interesting phone screen and even tablet layout, where maybe the information would have been more simple for people to read then just scrolling down the page on their devices.

Although I have not been able to implement this into my resume page, this is something that I am striving to figure out and implement into my index.html page when we code for those. I feel like this will not only challenge me to learn more about stacking and sections but that it will also make my page more dynamic. Lastly, something that I have learned throughout this process is that although coding may not come naturally to you, try, try, again. I feel like my comfort level has almost skyrocketed since our initial days of coding which makes me excited for the rest of the semester. This is no longer a daunting learning experience for me but something I really look forward to continuing my understanding about.