Design Work

From right to left, this is a collage of four pages together. The first page shows three women who are bloggers who have inspired me along the way. The second photo in the collage is called personality map and shows a graph stating that my site will be freindly and dominent as well as accessible to all and also states some greetings that I want to use for my site like todays a good day isnt it when you first click. Lastly is my visual lexicon page showing 6 colors in the shape of stars all in the blue- green- grey range that will be used throughout my site

The pictures above are a collage of the various pages I created as part of my design persona for my Web Design course. All of the pages were created using Adobe Illustrator and was my first time using this Adobe platform. You can see that the different pages included a inspiration page, showcases three of my favorite bloggers who's aeshetics I wanted to base my site off of. Another page included my "Personality Map" and shows my main goal for my web space and some in app greetings that I wanted to add when creating my website. The other two pages included information on who I am as an individual and as a creator and lastly, my color scheme for my site as a whole.

Video Work

This video was created for a project for a course by the name of Digital Aesthetics. The assignment we were given was to create a portfolio including video, audio and pictures, cohesively telling a story. I chose to title my project "Traveling Through Generations" and I based it off of the importance of travel in my family and what it means to us today through my mom telling her story.

Traveling Through Generations Portfolio

Audio Work

This audio was created alongside the video above for my Digital Aesthetics course. Continuing with the theme of the assignment I wanted to tell my side of the story, what traveling has meant to me from some of my first experiences to now what it is like now that I am older.

Non-Profit Work

This is a screen shot of a web page from the beautiful social website. The screenshot displays on the top a large photograph of the tech activist logo which is a black and white picture of a panther inside of a laptop and around that is a balck circle. Underneath the photograph is a paragraph of text with the heading that says community partner. Underneath the heading the paragraph talks about the project and the community partner who we worked with Idaline Bobe and

The photos both above and below are examples from the course Beautiful Social. Beautiful social is a civic media research collaborative at SJU that partners with non-profits to make a positive social change. The non-profit that my team members and I got to work with was called is a non-profit that works to educate and mobilize populations of people that have faced oppression due to race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality. When working with our community partner Idaline Bobé, we were tasked with creating a sponsorship deck that would be presented to potential donors who are willing to support their new Tech Warrior Fellowship. At the end of the project we were proud to create a beautiful sponsorship deck that showed the organizations values and achievements

The Beautiful Social Collaborative
The fist photo on the right side showcases a screenshot of a powerpoint that is titles one day workshops below this is a header that says we have hosted over 20 workshops in Oakland Ca; New York; St.Louis, MO. Below this are four bullet points but in the form of fists. From top to bottome they read, Python and Beasts Mixing Culture and Tech, Web Development for the Movement, Digital Security for Activists, Data Analytics for Social Change, Media and storytelling for the movement and lastly graphic design for resistance and a social justice tech club for young 5-10 year olds. The next powerpoint screenshot has a white background with a graphic to the right side that is a human head with the world as its scull with a tree growing out of it. This slide has a header that says education, then below it says the root of our mission then in a pragraph it says we believe in order to bring solutions to dimantle racism, sexism, poverty and issues impacting our enviroment, one must first understand the power of dynamics in our society. This is why we believe in the study of political education.