Final Reflection

Part 1.

Throughout the semester in Web Design, we worked to incorporate both emotional and responsive design techniques into our initial design and eventually into the website you see in front of you today. With respect to these goals, I am very pleased with my site in that I do feel as though I have incorporated both emotional and responsive design as best I could.

In the beginning of the semester we pieced together a design persona. One thing that I referred back to throughout every step of the semester was this design persona, trying to keep it in the forefront of my memory, following what I had initially wanted closely. One way I believe that my website correlates with emotional design is through the color scheme I have chosen. All of the colors on my website were ones that I had initially added to my design persona and stuck closely to. I really believe that they set the tone for my site and make it easy to understand, read, and better get to know me as a creator. Throughout every page, home, about, portfolio, and my resume, I wanted them to look alike, have the same fonts, same colors, and same emotional tone to them.

Referring again to my design persona, I had stated that my main goal for my website was “…for it to be friendly and accessible to users of all walks of life” and that “this space should be casual and easy going, using simple wording and visual aids so that nothing is too complicated.” With respect to responsive design I feel as though I was for the most part able to achieve this. Something that I really with I could have implemented if I had had more time with my site, was a sidebar that would have icons linking you to different pages such as my blog and social media accounts other than just my Instagram. Not only do I think that this would have made my site more simple to navigate but it would have also related to the emotional design I intended for in my initial design sketches.

In all honesty some of my initial sketches were extremely ambitious. Although we have had tools along the way to help us implement various different things such as pictures and videos, I really would have liked to have been able to add the footer that showcased my recent Instagram blog posts that I had initially drawn on my grid based design sketch. In today’s fast paced society, I felt like on my about page this would have been a great aspect to add that could show what my personality is like, past just a black and white photograph of myself and a personal statement.

In general, sketching out my website using the grid based design that we learned greatly helped me create the layout I have now. I do however feel as though if I were given one more month to really perfect my site I could achieve a couple more elements that I was looking forward to hopefully implement in the beginning of the course.

Part 2.

From the time of the resume designing assignment to now desgining an entire website, I feel like a lot has changed. At the beginging of coding the resume I felt as though I wasn’t going to be able to do it, but as I continued working on it, it just got more and more simple. In all honesty I am not sure if I can say the same about the designing and coding of the website. I do feel as though I know so much more of HTML and CSS since the start of the resume. I think in terms of my comfort level, I am still not to the point where I expected myself to be at by the end of the semester. I feel as though If I had more time I could improve my understanding of codes such as div class, div id, and the float aspect. The final project of having to design an entire website was a big undertaking and although I am happy and proud of what I have created thus far, there is always room for improvement.

I see success in elements of my website like the color sceheme, fonts, and ability to add photos, link websites, and that I was able to add video and audio from past projects. To me these are all things I never would have imagined being able to even add. I am proud of my portfolio page because it shows all of my works as a communications student so far and to me is simple to understand and read. Although I could have maybe displayed it in a different manner, maybe instead of directly down the page, having content on either side, I am still proud of this accomplishment. Something I hope to be able to create in the future is a logo. I feel as though if I had had the course where that was created under my belt prior to web design my site aesthetically would have really benefited from this. I would have instead of just my name across my home page had my custom logo that represents me. I believe that would have been a really nice artistic and personal touch to my site.

Because we now have the building blocks of coding HTML and CSS, I am eager to learn in the future even more about coding if possible. I think this is a really good skill to have and to be able to show to future employers who it may concern. I would love to one day be “fluent” or close to fluent in coding and to go back to this initial site, change, and add to it using all of my knowledge and more of the subject!