Hello, I am Sophie Marie Hampton! Welcome!

Sophie Hampton is a Junior Communications major and a Leadership Ethics and Organizational Sustainability minor at Saint Joseph's University. Although she considers Annapolis, Maryland her home, she now resides full time in the city of brotherly love. She loves traveling and her favorite place in the world to be is Denmark. Not only is travel one of her favorite past times but she loves good food, cute cafes, museums, and taking photographs of pretty much anything.

This is a photograph of a cafe in copenhagen Denmark that I photographed in black and white. It shows the small cafe from a corner angle. there are two lanterns hanging and leafy green plants hanging from the ceiling. You can see wooden tables and brick walls on covered with an animal skull in the back of the phot. Sunlight shines through the window
photo of myself in a cafe in NYC. I have my hair down and an smiling. there is a pancake with whip creme on top in front of me and a coffee to the side of me. I am sitting in a wooden booth.

Ambitious. Considerate. Diligent.

This website is designed with the purpose of being able to showcase works created through courses completed and a space where Sophie's daily lifestyle instagram blog can be displayed. After college Sophie hopes to obtain a job in the communications, marketing, social media, or PR feilds. This summer she will be embarking on a new internship journey at QVC as a member of the Qurate Retail Groups Corporate Affairs team. She hopes to bring her creative touch and keen eye into the working world come graduation in 2020.

My Reflection

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